OG Tomes

    Born in 1963 in a suburb of Birmingham, AL.  A daughter and sister, mother and now a grandmother she has spent her life caring for those around her. Now with her youngest close to graduating and heading off to college she has found the time to publish the chronicled stories of her favorite characters, some of which were created while she was in the first grade and used in creating story books for her children.  A weaver of tales since her youth, as O.G. Tomes, she now spins the yarn creating story lines from the cloth of life. Meshing the old with the new, giving way for her readers to rethink the whole concept of 'good vs. evil' along with the humorous and darker sides of human nature.  You can expect as varied a reading selection as eclectic as her reading tastes are to be produced that follow the inclinations of her natural talents.

     O. G. Tomes writes from her quaint home atop the mountain in an area of the Appalachians that for centuries has been home to her family. Her unique gifts were fostered by her great grandmother, her grandmother and her father giving her a solid foundation from which she writes.  Self-publishing has allowed her to utilize the multifaceted array of her natural talents in promoting others by mentoring, reviews, interviews and she has produced several book trailers for her literary works, as well as for other writers and authors.
   "Some of my first memories are of telling stories to my siblings at bedtime. As I grew older, I was always the one requested to 'tell a story' around the fire at summer camp.  The 'consumate narrator' on almost any topic usually kept me close to the line of trouble in school.  Time progressed, yet I still challenge myself to reach further in to my creativity with established goals as my incentive.  Simply, I love to write and create.  I cherish my family, who understands my eccentric and varied approach to everything 'author'.
    I shoot a mean game of pool, garden, paint, sew, make my own wine, fish,love to drive fast cars and enjoy Harley rides preferably in places like the US 129, the Dragon's Tail, 318 curves in 11 miles!  I am a positive person. My glass is always half full.  I believe that laughter can heal the heart and soul of almost anyone. I have a gentle heart but my soul houses a fierce protector, especially of children and the elderly.
I am who I am.. O.G. that would be...........ME!"

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